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You are Jealous and stupid – Why Pastor Kayanja Blasted MPs over 6 Billion Handshake investigation

During the 77 DOGS, Pastor Kayanja made news when celebrities gave their life to Jesus Christ, however, he also made bigger news when President Yoweri Museveni attended one of the finales.

In his preaching during this finale, the Pastor blamed MPS investigating the  6 Billion shillings Presidential handshake, calling them stupid and jealous.

”When you have done good work, and your leader rewards you, it should not be a bad thing, these MPs are being stupid and jealous, we should be thanking our civil servants for the work well done” He said

What we didn’t know then, but what we now know, is that Majority of the People who got the Bailout are members of Rubaga Miracle centre from Jennifer Musisi to Allen Kagina, to Doris Akol to other Lower URA staff.

URA Commissioner General Doris Akol

This is what Prompted the attack on MPs, the pastor was trying to remind the President to save his people from the MPs who are hounding them.

The Presidential handshake originated from a tax case where Heritage Oil took the Uganda revenue authority to a London tribunal for asking them to pay capital gains tax on the sale of Heritage Oil’s assets to Tullow Oil.

The case was won by URA and they managed to return over 900 billion in taxes to the country. However, it was later discovered that the costs award after the case which was over 4 million dollars, had been shared between the international lawyers and the civil servants involved in the case.

This expose led to the current investigation in Parliament where it has been discovered tea girls and cooks got tens of millions as rewards.

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