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You are heart Broken, and frustrated, you need Prayers – Desire Luzinda blasts Juliana Kanyomozi

Singer Desire Luzinda has hit what appears to be the last nail in her war of words with fellow singer Juliana Kanyomozi, in a Facebook post, the singer blasted the singer telling her she is frustrated, and heartbroken and should be seeking help from the Lord instead of raising dirt on Facebook.

Sometimes we burst out over none issues yet in reality there are battles,pain and frustrations we are fighting deep with in our selves but if you take heed in prayer, in His comfort, only He alone can mend your broken heart. You will then realize the little things that were consuming you were actually not worth extorting your emotions on.

The two musicians have been fighting over an incident where a city Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa took a selfie on a plane, and Juliana was one of those captured in it.

Lwasa happens to be one of Desire’s tight friends, and when Juliana Kanyomozi in a lengthy Facebook post threatened to sue Lwasa over the selfie,


I’m not one to come here to rant or respond to rubbish. But this right here is madness.
For starters who is this person? People have been asking me about someone and I was not understanding until someone sent me an article. You can’t come and take a picture of someone simply because they happen to be sitting next to you on plane without their permission, and then go ahead and share it implying that I’m travelling with you. He didn’t even have the courtesy to greet me!!!!! Let alone request to take a picture with or of me. This is infringing on other people’s privacy and I could sue you for it!!!! What the hell is wrong with some people, abantu tebakyalina mpisa???”, wrote Juliana.

Juliana Kanyomozi

It was desire who responded telling her she is too old for some things. “The older you get, the more quiet you become. Life humbles you so deeply as you age. You realize how much nonsense you’ve wasted time on.”

Juliana rushed to her Instagram to tell all and sundry that she is a nice person and by the time she is being a bitch, it means she has been provoked.

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