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Wounded Mc kats misses TV show, leaves DJ roger and DJ Mercy to suffer

By Edgar Watema


We (xrated.co.ug) didn’t want to report much about the Mc Kats and Fille saga because we think it is a stunt to promote their upcoming concert slated to happen at Freedom City. As we thought the pictures of the events that unfolded on that evening were staged or photo-shoped, it happens that it is true Kats was beaten, we still think he wasn’t beaten by Fille but some other goons.

Away from that, Kats missed his daily TV show (NBS after 5) which happens Monday to Friday from 5pm to pm. The show which features DJs Roja and Mercy is always hosted by Kats who does the speaking and the DJs do the disc spinning.

The two Djs were the hosts of today's After 5 show on NBS TV
The two Djs were the hosts of today’s After 5 show on NBS TV

Today’s(Monday) show was full of drama as the host was a no-show and this forced the producer of the show to give the hosting to the DJs as Kats fans very much wanted to see him present on the show but vain.

It was a tough time for the two DJs as they were battling with speaking English, according to a Facebook user, it seems like the two DJs had for long prayed for Kats to be away so that they can get a chance to present the show only to find out that it is very hard compared to just playing music. Their grammar was terrible as they were seen phrasing English statements wrongly while stammering.

These deejays were not confident in their speaking to an extent that Mercy forgot the TV station he was presenting for at that time not until they started speaking in Luganda and the show went on well.

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