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Who will remain at WBS if everyone is leaving?

By Nathan Atiluk

When we thought Straka Mwezi being one of the longest serving employees after she had seen WBS grow until it is no longer a TV to scare in the market, we didn’t know they could show her the exit door but instead she would leave when she wanted. A few months ago, Management at WBS thought Straka’s show was not one of the best Entertainment TV shows and they decided she leaves the station.

As if that was not enough, Luzze Andrew Anderson, a presenter with the morning show has also been threatening to leave the station but he is still there even after several threats that he keeps on posting on social media. The presenter who has been working with station for 5years is at it again, we are not sure if it is another threat but this morning, he said he was leaving WBS.

Straka Mwezi left WBS a fe months ago
Straka Mwezi left WBS a fe months ago

Luzze who said he will be leaving the station said it is because of the new management rules that he can’t cope up with. In an exclusive, he said that the company pays him Shs200k a month yet he is the face of Entertainment at WBS.

This is what he had to say on his Facebook page

Hallo there, hope have got u in a good mood today ..its been 5 years working with WBS TV thanks to sir Gordon wavamuno who hired me personally he was a great man who understood me personally can never forget programmes manager Justine Nakuya soooooo sorry that i could not copy up with the new management who didn’t understand what i was doing than doing the same thing for years …yes.. fine i introduced gossip or so called lugambo on TV bt people need to have the mature part of entertainment ..if karamagi can’t get it then oppps ..i went to school just to perfect me be better at what i do ..i would better be on Urban tv or capital radio or radio city ..i just pray to God that where i go next u would still follow me tweyiya bt atleast am educated ..a musawo and ending my journalist school soon ….thanks friends for watching all this time ..the artists who came wen i called u till the new management started colleting money from u …i here 100k..200k to 500k …i just loved what u were doing and it was all not about the money bt u had good music ..thanks for the talent we got that time ..dax katel ..shamim namawa .farmer .etc … my fans the ones i call friends where should we head next to change the entertainment world ?????my name is Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson..jose chamili became my jaja bebe the mighty and bobi the father can’t forget ..God bless

His Colleague at WBS Posted on Facebook saying

Dear Mc Luzze Andrew Anderson , Most people knew the man on TV. Well, I got the chance to know the friend and the jolly person. You had my back so many times I lost count.
You made me love being on that show, Believe me when I say these last few days I had to convince myself to get on set. It is not the same.
In your own small way you inspired some of the ideas that I gave out there even if most of them were politics that you hated and probably still hate.
You are an entertainment genius and we may not all have the guts to say it but allow me say am gonna miss you my brother.
Luzze’s new employers whoever you are, please treat him well.
A friend to most, but a brother to me.

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