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WEAK UCC: Smart Telecom survives regulators Knife,may fall to market forces 

When we broke news that Uganda communications commission had revoked the licenses of 1 telecom company smart telecom and two Internet service providers,One solutions and Foris telecom, the regulator went ahead and published the notices.

However a few days later? The uganda communications commission has rescinded its decision on Smart Telecom, in a letter to the CEO, UCC executive director Godfrey Mutabaazi said the company had met its required commitments to the regulator.

We can exclusively reveal that the decision was rescinded in part due to Smart telecoms powerful Godfathers.

These godfathers were called upon by the company’s owner HRH the Aga Khan Karim and the sustained pressure on the regulator so the company’s license returned.

But it will not take Uganda communications commission to put Smart telecoms house in order.

In the 4 years the company has been in Uganda, Smart telecom has never made a profit, it is crowded out of the advertising market by the nigger telecom companies inspite of the fact that Smart telecom has some of the most wonderful products in the market for people in kampala and surrounding areas.

Like its 1000 shs for 500 Mb product which is popular among university students.

Where it all started.

When sure telecom relaunched as Smart Telecom in 2013, the company’s owners were more than willing to invest in the company’s marketing and advertising with over 10billion shillings invested and there was even an advertising agency called Tonic whose only client was Smart Telecom with a retainer of 25,000 dollars.

Sadly the investments didn’t yield much and the owners got frustrated as employees they trained joined other companies. The employees on their hand, accuse owners of racism where Pakistan employees earn more than Ugandans. The employees also accused the company of sidelining Ugandans in promotions, including an experience where the company opted to employ a sudanese telecommunications engineer as Head of marketing (commercial director) when the previous occupants deputies were all still in place.

The company’s Contractors and agents did shoddy work on promotions that yielded fewer than 50 mobile number activations on average. 

In the end the Dubai based owners gave up on smart, committed to paying employee’s monthly salaries and stopped spending on advertising and marketing. 

The marketing budget was reduced to 25000 dollars almost the same amount as agency’s retainer.

It got soo bad suppliers were offered Airtime worth the amount of money they were demanding instead of cash or cheques.

The suppliers would be told to sale the airtime to get back the money they were demanding. 

Up to now companies like NTV whose owner is also the Aga Khan are still demanding money from smart telecom. 

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