Monday , November 28 2016
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UNRA officials in trouble over Shs45 billion

By Edgar Watema

There was drama yesterday at the UNRA offices when the officials were asked to explain where the Shs45 billion meant for compensation was put.

One of the people involved in the drama was UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina. When she was asked by the finance Minister where the money is, she didn’t have answers to that as she passed the micro phone to the project managers who also didn’t have answers and decided to turn back the microphone to Kagina.

Kagina whose lips were shaking, a sign that she had no answers again passed on the microphone to Peter Ssebanakita the former Executive Director. Ssebugga kimezi grabbed the microphone but also smileed and sent it to the Members of Parliament on the commissions, enterprises committee and the State Authorities into laughter. After a few minutes, the meeting was adjourned because no one was ready to give answers about the Shs45 billion.

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