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UNRA Lawyer in trouble over Shs58 million meant for Mukono –Katosi Road

By Edgar Watema

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has for long had issues with the Mukono –katosi road construction to an extent that many engineers of UNRA lost their jobs .As if that wasn’t enough, on Wednesday Members of Parliament  of the Parliamentary Committee ,state enterprises and the State authorities held a meeting intended to double check the former UNRA external Lawyer Karoli Ssemwogerere ‘s passport whether he really travelled  to US or he was lying.

This was due to the fact that ssemwogerere failed to present his passport in the meeting to prove that he travelled and did diligence on the company that UNRA was to award a contract.

According to the auditors, SSemwogerere was paid sh58m to travel to the us for 20 days to do diligence on Eutaw (the company meant to work on Katosi road) .however it was later known that UNRA awarded the contract to a non-existing company to work on the 74km Mukono-Katosi road.

This forced the committee to command police to escort him back home to get his passport and after a few hours, he returned when the meeting had ended but his matters will be handled.



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