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Ugandan Feminist Lydia Namubiru attacks Andrew Mwenda, calls him sexist because he didn’t know her

Some Ugandan feminists are taking the fight for women’s place beyond the realm of common sense.

Now a former a new vision, City beat Journalist and columnist has accused Journalist turned lobbyist Andrew Mwenda of Sexism because when she was invited to his show without his knowledge, he asked her to introduce herself before allowing her into studio..

In a long blog post on sexism the writer who works with a Journalism Training organisation African centre for media excellence claims Mwenda treated her like she was a footnote to a so called Boys club. 

Bellow is her Critic of Mwenda.

The first was when a producer on KFM Hot Seat, asked me on very short notice to go over because he didn’t have someone to take the 5th place. I showed up. Early. Andrew Mwenda, the host, was already there. He came out looking for the panelists, was pointed to me, and he asked, “Are you a Ugandan journalist? How come I don’t know you?” To be honest, I had never set eyes on Mwenda before then myself & I think the last time I tuned into his journalism was when he made the ‘M7 killed Garang’ insinuations on live radio. Even as a university student not studying journalism, it occurred to me that there had to be sources of analysis on public affairs that actually presented more facts than conjecture. But of course, I remained aware that he was practising journalism. He is Andrew Mwenda. You can’t miss him. He didn’t know me. There was no reason he should have. I knew him and thought his journalism standards have been less than stellar in the past. Yet, of the two of us, he was the one that felt entitled to being dismissive. He actually said he would not allow me into the studio because he didn’t know me. I recited my CV and meekly walked into the studio when he got out of the way. When I took a seat, he still objected. I recited my credentials again but this time added, “I don’t have to do this. I’m doing your producer a fill-in favour and I can walk out if you don’t want me here.” He left me alone, saying, “you work for Peter Mwesige. I know him.” I couldn’t be more proud to work with Peter Mwesige, but that wasn’t the point. That was just the dog whistle to remind me journalism is a boys’ club; something that actually would have annoyed Peter had he been there…”

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