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The Price of Falling Out with M7; 19 years and a huge Tax debt later, it’s over for Tycoon Wavamuno at WBS TV

​WBS TV (Wavah Broadcasting services) station ceases broadcasting starting today Wednesday, December 14, 2016 after 19 years on air.

The station was sold by its URA appointed reciever karamagi  kabiito in order to recover a 7 billionshillings tax debt.

And as other TV stations are now racing to grab Bikukujju the stations main asset.

The station  has now been sold to Zimbabwean Telecoms tycoon Strive Masiyiwa who hopes to use it as a launch pad for his Kwese sports TV.

All the staff have been fired and urged to reapply . 

Why they got here first and still failed.

We  can officially reveal that Gordon Wavamuno’s troubles stem from hos fallout with president Yoweri museveni.

This fallout saw WBS lose out on government revenue.

The station also failed to keep up when faced with fast paced TV stations like NBS TV, NTV.

This left the station foghting for its life despite the fact that it had the best infrastructure in the country . 

The station’s biggest problem however was management . Tycoon Wavamuno couldn’t let professional Managers do their work.

He wanted to Micro  manage the station and when his son Elvis ssekyanzi who was the only one who could ignore his directives and make good decisions,  left WBS and concentrated on his own business , WBS was done for.

From here Wavamuno brought in his friends and made then decision makers, it is said that Dancer Annet nanduja was one of the key decision makers at WBS and her daughter who stopped in F6 was a producer at the TV station.

Any attempt to professionally manage the station was always resisted by Wavah and his advisors.

And although we can blame the government’s decision to stop advertising with WBS. 

(Government adverts are given to political allies and are usually used to keep media in check)

Wavah  also accelerated the collapse of his station.

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