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STIFF COMPETITION: RED PEPPER rebrands to a boring newspaper as competitor RED SPY ups its game

By Our Reporter

A few months ago, Namanve based, media House Red pepper under the sister newspaper HELLO fired over 50 employees because the company thought they were underperforming. Among the people that were fired included Editors, Sub-Editors, Reporters, Proofreaders, Writers, Circulation managers and marketing managers among others.

Red Spy slogan is Facts are bitter

Some of these resorted to other jobs as others remained jobless waiting to see the next move. During this period,  some people were transferred from Red Pepper to go and fill up the gap at Hello and because they couldn’t handle the pressure because of less manpower, HELLO was then turned to a weekly newspaper and it only came out on Thursday s.

Moving forward, the team that was sacked decided to seat on a round table perhaps somewhere where no one from Red Pepper reaches. They got a funder and before anyone else knew, a new direct competing newspaper in the names of RED SPY was born.

It is not the first time a paper called RedSpy has been released the first was funded by a Military General and was called the Spy, and had people like New Vision’s Charles Etukuri.

What is RED SPY?

For starters, when you look at RED SPY for the first time, you will automatically think it is the RED PEPPER. It has the same font style, the same colours, the same pages, the same stories and headlines, the same pictorials and same everything you see in RED PEPPER. This is because the people working on RED SPY are exactly the same people that used to work on RED PEPPER.

One of the clients reading a copy of RED SPY

Two months on market

As RED SPY has made two months on market and business for the Wandegeya (on top of building with Barclays bank) based newspaper seems to be moving on well, this has continued to create more pressure at RED PEPPER. First of all, in fear of competition, close sources at Wandegeya have confirmed that they are not allowed by RED PEPPER to sell RED SPY copies in the Perimeters of Nakawa stretching to Kireka, Bweyogerere and Mukono. Most of these people got selling the copies have been arrested and got their papers confiscated.


RED PEPPER has decided to go mainstream and move away from its successful tabloid model.

By this, they have decided to let go those nude photos stories, who is sleeping with who and pictorials of semi- naked women. Ever since the beginning of this week, RED PEPPER has changed, it has reduced on the Entertainment and it is more of Political news and Businesses, a few Entertainment stories, no Pictorials of people having fun at the beach, no photos of the Anniversary of Club Amnesia, no photos of what transpired at Sheeba’s sold out Nkwatako concert.

 Is it the RED PEPPER you want?

A Facebook user during the week posted and said that “ As I was turning pages of the RED PEPPER looking for the usual stories, I opened the pages and only to realise, I was on the back page (Sports). Is that the RED PEPPER that we are used to? Many people have always bought the Newvision, Monitor and Red Pepper for Entertainment news. Do you think the sales will drop if they stop publishing the Entertainment stories that people were used to?

How about the Entertainment Reporters?

Are the RED PEPPER reporters going to be having fewer assignments because most of the Entertainment was shifted to HELLO newspaper? Are they going to become Political and Business Reporters? Speaking to one of the Reporters, he said that the situation at RED PEPPER has become very tough and they are not seeing any money coming in at the moment. “ I had covered three events with three good pictorials but on reaching off, I was told by the top bosses that they are useless, they are no longer going to be run anywhere in the RED PEPPER, they should be run in HELLO,artistes” the reporter said.

According to a former employee of RED PEPPER who is now working with another media house, the same Policy of not publishing  kinky pictures, pictorials from different events and gossiartistswas brought up but in just a period of two months, the old policy was reinstated because the company had started tearing apart.

Let’s hope this time the Policy will stay and actually work for the Company.


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