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Sipapa finally speaks out- Chameleon is just pulling a weak stunt to sell his show

By Edgar Watema

Ever since last week, music promoter Charles Olim known to many as Sipapa has not been friends with social media and we are sure his phone has been operating without data bundles. This comes after singer Jose Chameleon posted photos of Sipapa helplessly laying on the ground after he was being beaten by unkown people and over reason we have never known.

Ever since then, we had not heard a word from Sipapa and this was long until yesterday Tuesday when he called a Press conference at his studio in Mutungo.

When asked about what is the cause of his misunderstanding with Chameleon, he said he doesn’t have any misunderstanding with him but the only problem came when he offered help to Daniella Atim, Chameleon’s wife. “When Daniella ran away from Chameleon,she was helpless and asked me for Shs200k and because she was friends with my wife Serena Bata, I had to help him”Sipapa said, adding that Chameleon didn’t like the fact that Sipapa helped Daniella.

Since then, Chameleon started threatening Sipapa of how he will send him back to the village and how he will hurt him and indeed, Sipapa and his crew was attacked on different occasions.

“There is a possibility that chameleon might have plotted what’s trending on social media just in the name of promoting or selling his concert tickets that is coming in the nearby weeks to come”, he added. When Xrated told Sipapa to comment on the photos, he was hesitant and said it was a long story which he didn’t want to talk about at that moment.

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