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Rotary Uganda accused of helping Uganda Government Kidnap Activist who Criticised First lady

The Rotary Club of Kampala Metropolitan is being accused by members of Jailed Activist Stella Nyanzi’s Pads for the Girls team, of helping Uganda police and intelligence services kidnap and later arrest the Academic.

Stella Nyanzi was kidnapped on the night of 10th April at McKinnon suites in Nakasero after she had addressed a Rotary Club of Kampala Metropolitan fellowship.

She was charged yesterday with computer misuse and accused of calling the President a pair of Buttocks, and not for her criticism of the first lady for refusing to give free sanitary pads to girls.

Ugandan prominent academic Stella Nyanzi stands in the dock at Buganda Road court for criticising the wife of President Yoweri Museveni

In a statement released through Dr Stella Nyanzi’s facebook page that they control, the team says the fellowship and partnership with the Rotary club of Kampala MetroPolitan was meant to raise over 1 million pads for girls.

On the Day she was to address the fellowship, Dr Nyanzi was led in through the Backdoor in order to evade security operatives that were at the Hotel, it was the same backdoor through which she was allegedly led out by a one Mahad Mubiru who is a Lawyer in Kampala and seats on the Rotary Club of Kampala’s legal and Publicity committee. The car she was to travel in was found open and her? she was nowhere to be seen.


”Mahad Mutebi, the last person to have seen Stella before her arrest bluntly refused to go to the police with the rest of Stella’s team to record a statement the very night she was taken. He has also been elusive and refuses to meet with the team even though they have on more than five occasions reached out to him” The Statement reads.

It also wonders why the Rotary club of Kampala Metropolitan is silent on the Kidnap of their Guest speak, the silence of the club also goes against the Rotary Fourway test, in whose benefit has the club chosen to be silent?

Nyanzi’s team also asked the following questions on rotary and Mahad Mubiru

1. Why is Rotary silent yet they were very vocal in publicising Stella’s guest appearance?
2. What is Rotary’s position on Mahad Mutebi walking Stella out while the session was still going on? (Could this have been a trap)
3. Why have they remained silent since Stella was taken?
4. What support has Rotary extended to Stella’s children and family since her disappearance?
5. Why have they refused to meet Stella’s campaign team or even hand over the money that was generously given by the citizens of Uganda that very evening?
6. Is there anything Rotary Club of Kampala Metropolitan wishes they had done differently that evening?
7. Were you the JUDAS ISCARIOTS?

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