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Rolex Minister Kiwanda tells Bobi Wine he lucks someone to advise him on important matters

By Edgar Watema


Honorable Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has lashed at the kyadondo MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine that the law maker lacks someone to advise him on what should be done at a particular occasion not leaving also an ideological grounding to his brains .The Minister said all this on Wednesday the 11th of October in the parliamentary building while responding to Bobi Wine’s recent remarks saying that “ The young population has been dis empowered and denied an opportunity thrive to their better future”.


Now in the minister’s response to this, honorable Kiwanda said that Bobi Wine needs more information about where Uganda was with colonialists in the years before NRM took over in 1986 in terms of electricity , tarmac coverage ,water and education structures plus those which are self-explanatory to mention but a few.

Honorable Kiwanda further said that bobi wine should go extra miles to develop a political ideology rather than the generation adding that in politics they concentrate so much on ideology not biology and neither is music considered in the kind of work his rendering in parliament and kyadondo at large. Bobi wine had earlier this week urged in his statement, that average age of Ugandan cabinet ministers is 65 years and that the young people continue to be side lined but kiwanda says ideology is the key pillar in one’s political career.

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