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Regal Paints senior Managers threaten to resign over Sadolin partnership

By Our reporter

There is a war brewing in the country, one that attention has to be a draw for the greater good. Maybe no bullets have flown about yet, but the paint has been spilled. A few months ago, Kansai Plascon Africa limited bought out Sadolin paints, the no.1 paint company in Uganda. This automatically making Plascon the no.1 paint company in the country.

Information reaching us is that there is a mass exodus at Regal Paints, following the uncertainty around the Sadolin merger announced recently.

A source has informed us that since rumors started going around that Sadolin was reentering the market and using Regal Paints as a temporary partner while they set up here, the Sales staff have been uncomfortable with the arrangement and have been interviewing for jobs at the competitor paint companies including Plascon, Peacock and Dura Coat.

“The issue is that management is asking their sales and field staff to sell both Regal Paints and Sadolin Paints which the salespeople are finding hard. Many Distributors are unsure of the quality of the new Sadolin Paint Vs the old one is now known as Plascon and they have been unwilling to stock it like before.” said our anonymous source.

However, according to recent events, Sadolin has relaunched in the market as the number one paint brand, under Regal paints leaving many Ugandans in a state of confusion.

What’s clear however is that Plascon bought the Namanve and 2nd Street paint factories that produced Sadolin paint, leaving the puzzling question of whether what’s in the new Sadolin tins is actually Regal paints or whether Regal has obviously seen an opportunity to fill the brand and get a market share of the hard work done by others in the past. Don’t mistake Sadolin paints for the real deal.

Beyond the salesmen, Regal Paints which is in a marriage of convenience with the new Sadolin is worried that the same issues that forced the former Sadolin paints here to shop around for a new partner Plascon might seep into their marital bed as well. It emerged that Arkzo Nobel was threatening Sadolin to increase license fee from 5% to 10%, forcing the former to separate from the unholy alliance and jump into bed with Kansai Plascon.


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