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Places to watch out as we usher into 2017, they have lots of goons that might want to hurt you or steal from you

By Nathan Atiluk

When we are ushering into the New Year, it always the time when not only party animals storm the street, bars and all other happening places but also the people who have stayed home all the year also come out to be part of the fan. It is when those that have curfew are permitted for once to go and have fun with friends.

As the fans goes on before and after Fireworks, many people always come back home hurt by the goons who instead of having fan go out there to steal from people. We therefore want to bring you the places where these goons always operate and this is to help you party safe and usher into the New year in one peace.

Centenary park

Centenary Park is happening place even on normal days because it has many bars in there. On the New Years’ Eve, the place is always parked with many people who come to have fan. It has bars like Laftaz Lounge, Waikiki, Kyoto, The Heights and Berbeque Lounge among others. These places are also operating areas for the kifeesi, call them thieves who come mainly to steal phones, cars and also in some cases they rape girls who are skimply dressed. To avoid such, you have to move in company of others and better still, don’t move around on the streets of Centenary Park but get one bar where you can sit and enjoy your eveing because these thieves operate outside the bars.

Legends play ground

Events that happen at Legends Rugby Grounds always pull hordes of Kifeesi crew or goons hailing from the slums of Naguru to come and steal from the people who are coming out of the venue. These operate not only at Legends but they stretch to Kyadondo and Game stores.

They are always armed with sharp objectives and their major interest is in people who use their phones as they move around. To be safe, one has to make sure they don’t receive calls at many intervals because this is like calling them to come and take the phone.

As we usher in the New Year, you have to party safe because the Kifeesi crew will be at work

Sheraton Kampala Gardens

Sheraton is the place that is commonly known for displaying Fireworks every end of year. It is where the most crowds goes and at the same time it is outside Sheraton that these goons are waiting from. They target those people who are from watching fireworks. When you don’t have a car, the best thing to do after the fireworks have been displayed is you have to stay at the venue a little longer as you wait for the bad guyz to relocate to another place because they always move around different places. Alternatively, one shouldn’t go until Kampala Road to get a boda boda, you can aswell take those bodas at the gate and even though they are a bit expensive, it is your life you are saving.

Kabalagala, Makindye and Nsambya

The home of Kifeesi is Makindye and they operate in near places like Kabalagala and Nsambya. As we usher into the New Year, beware of people you see walking on the streets in groups be it girls or a mixture of both the boys and the girls.

These always walk around to snatch valuables from the people walking in the same lane with them. They always fight those who try to resist taking their things. For one to stay safe and they are not interested in watching fireworks, just stay home or go to the nearest bar or Kafunda at home because they don’t always concentrate in those small bars.

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