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Parliament turns into a Kindergarten of sorts as EALA Campaigns take place

By Ivan Bwogi

As the battle gets hotter, the members of parliament under NRM formed a choir to cheer up their candidates leaving the opposition and the independent speechless since they are the majority in the house. The competition is stiff, because there is an over whelming number of candidates with 46 under (NRM) with which only 6 candidates are to be voted for, 27 under Independent and only one is needed, 4 under Opposition and only 2will be voted to sum up the nine candidates needed to represent Uganda in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Mukasa Mbidde is one of the candidates in the EALA elections

The proceeding of the voting is to take place at the parliamentary Parking yard, consisting of four polling stations which each will be headed by two honorable members of parliament. Members are supposed to tick only nine names, not less or more and if the rules not followed, it will lead to an invalid vote. After voting, the honorable members are to wait from the chambers for results and the parliamentary staff shall tally the votes then the Speaker announces which we shall keep up to date.

Chris Obore parliament’s director of communications assured the community that the directorate of security (police) is in full support and control. That simply means we are not going to see the jobless brother hood mess the setting of parliament today.



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