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Non-teaching staff of Kyambogo strike goes to day four

By Edgar Watema

Work at Kyambongo University has been paralyzed as the strike for non-teaching staff enter the fourth day .The strike is intended to force public service ministry officials to stream line the new salary structure which favours them according to current economic situation. Over 600 workers have put down working tools since Tuesday in the some effort.

According to the University Vice chancellor; Professor Elly Katunguka, offices have not been cleaned ever since the non-teaching staffs went on strike. He further noted that the subordinate in the admission office have jammed to resume to work which might grossly affect the 2017/2018 admission process on going in the University.

Speaking to the Chairperson of National Union of Education Institute (NUEI) at kyambogo University Mr Mike Eladdu informed Xrated news team that they will continue to fight for what rightfully belongs to them despite some few threats coming from several corners both in the University and public service ministry. “We fought for the money together and this time that they are disowning us, they are releasing only 1% of the money that was given to us  by government, the public service ministry remaining with 99% which does not make sense and we cannot accept” he concluded .

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