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Morgan Heritage attracts huge crowd but just part of the crowd understood their music

By Nathan Atiluk

When news broke that Morgan Heritage was coming to Uganda, first things first, Ugandans needed some teaching. They thought Morgan Heritage was one person, Peetah Morgan to be particular but after they realized it was a band of siblings. The other thing was they not only had the song Don’t Haffi Dreads, they also had songs like Tell me how come song and A man is still a man among others.

Part of the crowd understood the band’s music and the others didnt apart from just one or two songs

Back to the show despite Cricket Oval being very big, the Jamaican Reggae band fill it to the brim as part of the crowd had come as far as out of Uganda. The show kicked off at 8:30 with Julianna Kanyomozi being the first performer, she performed just two songs and one of them was I am Still Here which is her latest song. She left stage leaving many wondering why among other artistes was she chosen to curtain raise for the Jamaicans, Julianna killed the mood as her stage performance was wanting. The mood was a bit raised with Vampino adding some life to the concert with a breathtaking performance of Smart Wire which he did along with the Party People dancers.

The band recognised Chameleon and called him on stage

The band came with their own host who is also their manager. He kicked off the show with inviting Jemere Morgan the youngest in the Family doing songs like International Love which finally kind of assured the crowd that it was time to Jam with Morgan Heritage as the name of the concert stated.

After one hour of Jemere, the other members of the band with Peetah Morgan being the lead singer, they came on stage and delivered their reggae vibes. A few revelers were seen singing along but all changed when the band performed even the clueless’ favourite Don’t Haffi Dread, they loudly sang together with the band but this was short-lived when the band continued their performances with songs which they were not familiar with.

“We are not in Malawi, not in Rwanda, not in Kenya but we are in Uganda” the brothers said, rubbishing claims that were earlier stated that they won’t be performing in Uganda anymore which was not true. They said this as they continued their performance with recognizing singer Jose Chameleon. “When we are in Kenya, we met on of Africa’s greatest singers, he comes from Uganda, ladies and gentlemen welcome Jose Chamaleon” the band said as Chameleon hopped on stage.

Morgan Heritage brothers were performing in Uganda for the first time

He got the microphone but he failed to connect with the band on a freestyle session. When it came to performing a collaboration that he has with them, Chameleon left the stage in embarrassment as he failed to remember the lyrics to their song

It seemed like the band enjoyed their time on the Ugandan stage which they were performing on for the first time. They didn’t want to leave the stage even when it was coming to midnight; they ended the show with one of their latest song Reggae Night off their album titled Abracadabra


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