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Meet DJ Unique Dray, a Young DJ with love for the Ugandan music Industry

Daniel Drabo commonly known as Dj Uniq Dray is a young and musically talented disc joker who doesn’t love showbiz at all and thinks that is unique in all his areas of life. He talked to Solomon Mwesigwa about his plans for the music Industry as a DJ

Where do you work from?

I am a Dj at Laftaz Lounge every Monday and at Trendz bar in Bugolobi every Saturday.

How did you start this dj business?
I started by playing at schools prom parties, birthday and other celebration points.

How did you grab these deals of playing at Laftaz and Trendz?
I got it through DJ Fikie who is my friend and connected me to the bar. At trends, I got the deal through a friend who works there as a manager.

For how long have you been there?
I started last year around like November at Trendz and at Laftaz around Feb this year.

When did you join this industry?
I joined back then while in my O’level but at some point, I gave it a break because I was losing concentrations while at school, I then resumed after school.

Where did you go for high school?
I went to Tropical high school Kabalagala for my O’ level and World ahead SS for A’ level.

Which course did you offer at Kyambogo?
I am doing a Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness.

How do you juggle studies and the dj business?
It is very easy because I plan my days very well and when it is time for studies, I don’t do anything else than studying.  At the moment, I am in my holidays and I have no internship that’s why am now concentrating on music only.

Who are some of the guys or Djs whom you joined with?
I started with the likes of Dj Ali Breezy who is very close friend of mine.

Are you under any company or you are a solo dj?
I am doing my Deejaying thing alone and not signed to any company at the moment.

How do your parents feel about what you do?
Well, at start it was not pleasing to them but now they are okay with it since have been in the industry this long.

Tell me how your mom felt when she took you to teach in your vacation and you still had to juggle the two?
She felt pissed at first but  it was okay with me because thats where my passion is. And infact I could get time to rest and plan accordingly for my students.

What is the latest challenge you have so far faced?
When they stole my laptop and phone from my rental in Aprill it gave me a setback.

So, have you managed to replace them yet?
Have managed to get another laptop and phone and am back on track but am lacking some music which am hoping to get soon.

What has been your most overwhelming moment since you joined the industry?
I remember when we made around 5M in a weeks’ time me and Ali Breezy and we bought our machines.

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