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Meet Ceasorous the hitmaker of Dangerous, a song that has become everyone’s darling

Ceasorous is one artiste who proves he is working hard and deserves a slot in the music Industry. Even at a young age, he has been through a lot to see him starting to protrude. He was once in a singing duo of Smash and Ceasorous but then left to focus on his career. This was how he met with a producer and the idea of doing Dangerous was born. He caught up with Nathan Atiluk for an interview.

You are only known to many as Ceaserous, what are your real names?

My name is Solomon Sentongo .

You are no longer a struggling musician thanks to Dangerous, tell us about the song?

I agree the song has done wonders for me because everywhere I go I find it playing. I have many songs but Dangerous stood out and it has got me performing in different places.


Many people got to know about you when you did Dangerous, when did you start singing?

I started singing way back in School while at St Lawrence and to surprise you by the way, Dangerous was a song I did last year but my management team said we should release the song this year. So we waited and released the audio in January then later shot the video later. I then went to Kenya to do some other projects and when I returned was when I released the video.


What to you so long to release Dangerous?

By that time, I had many songs that were already playing and decided to first keep Dangerous as I push the other songs.

How has it been for you to breakout into this competitive music Industry?

It has been a lot of hustle which involves hard work, team work with my all crew because there is nothing that comes easy other than being disciplined and also seeking the lord for guidance that’s why I say “ MUKAMA WAMANYI”.

What inspired the song Dangerous?

Dangerous is a song I did for all beautiful girls. I therefore dedicate it to all the women and not only my girlfriend.

 For how long have you been dating?

We actually broke up sometime last year because she always complained of my busy schedule. I am always occupied with studio and she couldn’t keep up with me. We had only dated for a small time.





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