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Liquid Silk is expanding, not closing-Management

By Nathan Atiluk

The rumor mill is always rolling in Kampala. But with it, comes falsities. Leaving in their wake, confusion, malice and mixed feelings for many reputable brands. Such was the case when, shortly after Events Management honcho, Elvis Sekyanzi expanded his Club franchise to Naalya, rumor-peddlers started alleging that the Bugolobi based Liquid Silk was closing. The same allegations had it that Elvis Sekyanzi was choking on debts. Which, according to reliable sources, is utterly false.

In bid to ascertain our information, we paid a visit to Village Mall Bugolobi, the premises of Liquid Silk to observe the environment. On arrival, we realized that business was at large. For the 2 weeks we observed Liquid Silk day and night, we established that the bar was indeed, booming as ever and its highbrow regulars thronged the place in big numbers every other day. Which implied that the bar had no plans of closing. After writing off that rumor, we further investigated the Silk Franchise.

When we contacted the Silk Events office in the guise of offering business, we found out that their schedules were swamped for the most part. A stance that eliminated the rumors that the Silk franchise was operating in deficits, or any kind of negatives that would prompt the closing of their Liquid Silk club entity for that matter.

When we got in touch with Silk Events owner, Elvis Sekyanzi to ascertain the rumors, he said they were wrong.

“That is totally wrong. Where do people get those stories? Liquid Silk Bugolobi is still afloat, and it will remain so for a long time. We are not shutting down anytime soon. Our customers come from different places. We just wanted to bring the same unique experience our customers get in Bugolobi, to a place near the customers in that region of the city. It has nothing to do with those rumors. It is simply adhering to our customers demands,” he relayed in a phone interview.

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