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Kenyans and Ugandans in Bitter fight over Queen of Katwe Movie

Kenyans and Ugandans have been involved in a bitter fight over Miira Nair’s Queen of Katwe Movie insisting it is a Kenyan movie.

David, Miira Nair and Lupita Nyongo
David, Miira Nair and Lupita Nyongo

The group ganged up on Musician Juliana Kanyomozi’s page after she posted a billboard of the movie, saying Uganda stands proud.

They insist because the movie’s most famous character is Lupita Nyongo a Kenyan, the movie should be celebrated as a Kenyan movie.

A one Ferdinand Kibor says

Guys guys here is a fact .. If an American walks down the street and sees that billboard. Which of the two will come to his/her mind?
1) What the hell or where the hell is Katwe?
2)Oh it stars Lupita Ny’ongo the Oscar winner
…. Then you will know in Hollywood names are bigger than locations

Then he was answered by a one Jamelia who said

Well if Anorld Schwarzenegger is on a billboard in Holywood, do Austrians claim his work to be Austrian?

This fight will probably continue because Kenya being the bigger economy, is always overshadowing her landlocked Neighbour .

One actually sarcastically tried to understand Uganda’s plight

Come on guys. Let’s not burst Uganda’s bubble. They are not used to being in that position. Be content with Rugby Sevens, Obama, Wangare Maathai, Our Athletes etc. Let Lupita help them get some shine. They are tired of being that small country neighbouring Kenya. Let her help them get noticed.

However, the cast of the movie supports Uganda’s claim to the movie, from the origin of the story being Chess Champion Phiona Mutesi to the lead character being Madina Nalwanga, to Ugandan soundtracks, to the director herself Miira Nair being married to Ugandan Academic Mahmoud Mamdani.

This is an Authentic Ugandan story.

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