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Kaweesi Murder weapon; Boda Boda Killers hide guns in the seats of their Bikes

A video has surfaced showing the tricks boda-boda Assasins of how Boda Boda assassins hide their Guns and use them to assassinate their targets, the video shows Police detectives uncovering a Gun from its hiding place under the seat of a BodaBoda where the passenger seats.

Kaweesi, his Bodyguard and the driver were shot dead this morning

The latest victim is Police Chief and Number three Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, 43, was yesterday shot dead in a daring but not uncommon fashion as he left his home in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb, to go to work. The shooting happened just after 9 am, residents said.


Andrew Felix Kaweesi


The assailants are reported to have been riding a motorcycle commonly referred to as boda-boda, just like those who have recently executed similar high-profile murders in Kampala.

Bodaboda Assassinations in Uganda

1.Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu – April 2012
2.Sheikh Abdul Jawali Sentunga – August 2012
3.Sheikh Yunus Abubakar Mudungu – August 2012
4.Hajji Abubaker Kiweewa – June 2012
5.Sheikh Dr Abdul Kadir Muwaya – December 2014
6.Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga – December 2014
7.Sheikh Ismail Ssebugwawo – January 2015
8. SPSA Joan Kagezi – March 2015
9.Abdul Rashid Wafula – May 2015
10.Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya – June 2015
11. Major. Sheikh Muhammad Kiggundu – November 2016
12. AIGP Felix Kaweesi – March 2017


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