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Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga should resign, he has exposed the Kabaka to redicule, insults, and Embarrassment instead of shielding him

One of the main jobs of the Katikiro of Buganda is to ensure that the Kabaka is above the petty politics and battles that tend to drive agendas at Mengo.
In this role, the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga has failed and should be returning the Ddamula to the Kabaka.

It all started during the Ettofali campaign when Kingdom subjects generously gave money and other items to contribute to the rebuilding of the Kasubi royal tombs, and later for the general restoration of their Kingdom.

What the people collecting the money missed was that this was a form of taxation and in return, the scrutiny on the Kingdom would be the same as that on the Central government. Not used to being questioned by their King’s  subjects Mayiga and his administration have reacted with arrogance, dismissing criticism and claiming critics are targeting the Kabaka, thus blackmailing them into silence.

Then came singer Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine who leased land from the Kingdom in Busabaala a hitherto unknown part of town and decided to establish his One love Beach. With the beach came development, and a general increase in real estate prices around the Neighbourhood.

Last week the Kingdom officials in charge of the King’s private estate razed a disputed half-acre parking lot claiming it as their own.

The singer kept his silence but his fans didn’t and the message was received in Mengo, forcing the Kingdom spokesman Owek. Noah Kiyimba to issue a statement accusing the singer of trying to steal the Kabaka’s land.

In reaction, the singer wrote a letter asking to meet the Kabaka, and also told his side of the story including behind the scenes negotiations and allegations of fraud committed by Kingdom officials.

This back and forth has overshadowed the Kabaka’s birthday and dragged him into the negative public debate over an issue that could have been solved quietly.

However, the treatment Bobi wine has received is straight out of the same playbook used to silence Mayiga’s Toffali critics and is not Good for a kingdom that has decided to start a chapter of negotiations.

On his inauguration, Katikiro Mayiga promised a new era of transparency and accountability, he has failed to deliver on that, and instead he has exposed the Kabaka in a negative public debate, where he is being ridiculed and abused by his guests and subjects over a mere half acre of land.

The Katikiro has failed in his duties and should resign before it is too late.

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