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Kampala Lawyer drugged,robbed and Gangraped by a group of women

City Lawyer Paul Kalemera was found early this morning unconscious in his car parked on the roadside. Besides him were used condoms. Police suspect he could have been drugged and raped by a woman or a group of women. Investigations have begun.

However, one commentator thinks the Lawyer is just trying to save face by claiming gangrape. He may have bought prostitutes and refused to pay them. Because how did the strangers get in his car?

They could also have been thieves because according to Chimpreports, it all started at 8.57 time when most working Ugandans are settling in their offices in Kampala on Wednesday (April 5, 2017), something strange occurred in the leafy Kololo suburb.

A Fortuner brand car was parked along Acacia Avenue near Big Mike bar.

No one had noticed an unconscious man inside the vehicle.

It was not until a police patrol truck appeared at the scene that many realised that something had gone wrong.

Police managed to open the car in which city lawyer Paul Kalemera had passed out.

Several people gathered at the scene to have a glimpse of the man who was naked.

Cops lifted Kalemera from the car to the police truck for First Aid.

Detectives who searched the car said they found two packets of condoms and an empty wallet.

“The man was naked in the car and sleeping,” recounted an eyewitness.

“But the guards saw a woman leaving the vehicle with a handbag.”

It remains unclear how the lady accessed Kalemera’s car.


What is known is that on regaining his senses, Kalemera’s phones, money and other personal items were missing.

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