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Iryn Namubiru Unplugged was an affair of Cake, Cash and nostalgia

By Our Reporter
Last night Liquid Silk Nalya held yet another edition of the famous Unplugged Sn 2 show with Iryn Namubiru as the guest performer.
The “Nkuweki” songstress delivered a remarkable vocal experience and the crowd responded with birthday cake and cash. Iryn kicked off her live performance with “Mba Nesanyu,” a mellow ballad that was a huge hit in the 2000s. She continued with her long list of songs to an engaged crowd that kept asking for her to repeat the songs.
The “Kabi Ki” star, who donned a silver jump-suit and a red blazer hit every note on-key with her live band performance — defying all talk of her being down and out. Iryn was surprised in the middle of her performance with a birthday cake that was delivered and cut by her on set.
We learned later that the cake was a hash-hash arrangement between Liquid Silk management and some of her die-hard fans. As if this was not enough surprise, some ba-summer who had enjoyed the music decided to express their gratitude with their wallets.
The unknown ba-summer moved to the front and in a pompous show of wealth only synonymous with Nigerian Ogas, dished out money.
In fact, one of this ba-summer went ahead to dish out 20,000 and 50,000 notes to each member one of Iryn’s band. The crowd cheered on as they watched the spectacle unfold. Iryn later swooped in and reclaimed the spotlight before crowning the night with some of the songs that her fans had asked her to repeat.
Next week is the second last Wednesday of the year and the New Eagles band will be on stage at Liquid Silk Nalya. We shall be looking forward to their performance as well.

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