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I don’t have any problem with Allan Ntanda- Elvis Ssekyanzi

By Nathan Atiluk

Proprietor of Silk Events Elvis Ssekyanzi has for the past couple of weeks been the subject of misinformed ridicule among his affluent folk. A local tabloid famed for publishing falsities was peddling a rumor that Ssekyanzi and Allan Ntanda, (proprietor of Wine Garage) were at logger heads. But as we can reliably establish, the story was but a figment of their wildest imagination. According to a source at Bugolobi based Silk Events, the two are still as tight as peas in a pod.When tasked to demystify the source of smoke, our source relayed that there was no smoke at all

“That tabloid just has something against our boss. No such thing has happened. Ntanda and Ssekyanzi have always been, and are still good friends. Whoever is publishing stories that the two split bitterly is bitter about something. And that is the only mysterious notion in this situation. The people behind the writing and publishing of those stories have a hidden agenda. And that is what you should investigate,” relayed our source.

When we investigated, we encountered a shocking revelation. The same publication had published hordes of wrong stories about Elvis Sekyanzi. A source at the Namanve based tabloid relayed that it could be because of the fact that their publication was a sinking ship.

Allan Ntanda is Elvis Ssekyanzi’s business partner and owner of Wine Garage

“It is only a matter of time till we collapse. The finances of this franchise are debt-riddled. We have fired and down sized but the problem cannot be solved. Workers go for over 6 months without pay and resort to extortion of money for survival. So what is happening to Ssekyanzi could be a result of a failed extortion. He is a clean man. But once in the spotlight, eluding witch-hunters becomes a way of life. Yet it can’t be avoided because people want to read about successful people scandals. So conjuring scandals against a rather composed and tame man works for the publication’s sales and as well as the egos and agendas of the people behind such stories. And he might be a victim of their wrath” relayed our source.

When we reached out to Sekyanzi for a comment, he listened with attention, before informing us that he does not have time for teenage drama.


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