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Drunk-Driving Operation- DJ Slick Stuart falls into Kawunyemu trap see photos here

By Our Reporter

Police has revived new ways of curbing drunk drivers and one of the latest is carrying on the operations on a week day rather than the weekends. During the weekends say Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Police has always been blocking roads to arrest drunk drivers and to avoid this, the drivers have now mastered the day when the Kawunyemu is operating and that is when they will leave the bar in the morning or they opt to use other safer routes.

Stuart was handcuffed after showing a learner’s’ driving permit

Last night caught drunk drivers unaware and because Ugandans drink from Monday up to Sunday, they got trapped by traffic Police that was all over busy roads like the Mukwano Round about, Kireka-Kinawataka road, Jinja Road and Kampala Road among others.

Stuart tries to make calls for people to come to his rescue but in vain

While many comfortably drove because they never expected Kawunyemu on a Tuesday, they got into trouble as many were arrested. Among the notable faces was DJ Slickstuart of the famous DJ Roja and Slickstuart duo. Stuart doesn’t drink but unfortunately, he was arrested for having a learners permit and without a co-driver in the seat.

When Stuart made calls in vain, he was taken away in a Police Patrol

Stuart who didn’t want to explain a lot was handcuffed and put on Police Patrol car and wherever they took him to, God knows. We are not sure what time he left the Police Post but he was seen making several calls for someone to run to his rescue.

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