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Ngule Lager announces promotional offer For Kabaka’s Coronation, the beer will cost Shs1,500 until July 31

By Nathan Atiluk info@xrated.co.ug Ngule Lager last week announced a special promotional offer for all customers in celebration of the Kabaka’s 24th coronation anniversary. The promotional offer dubbed “Omutanda Agabudde” will see the beer sold at a special celebratory price of UGX.1, 500 leading up to the coronation on 31st …

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In 2021 president Museveni will not be allowed to stand again for presidency because of the age limit- FDC’s Winnie Kiiza

By Edgar Watema info@xrated.co.ug After the candidature of Honorable Jacob Oulanya for Deputy Speaker was successful, in his speech President Museveni congratulated the NRM carders for passing their first test with insight of the presidential term limit extension next on the NRM menu. However on the side of the opposition, …

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Nsambya Police Barracks switched to YAKA, they have gone one month without Electricity and Policemen have threatened to lay down tools

By Nathan Atiluk info@xrated.co.ug Over the years, Nsambya Police Barracks, which is the biggest Police Barracks in Uganda has been enjoying electricity and they never be in a blackout even when they use appliances that consume a lot of electricity. In the Barracks, many homesteads use Hot plates, Flat Irons, …

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Did you remember Obsession singer and dancer bootyliscious Shamim Namawa? She is Apollo Kantinti’s Girlfriend

By Nathan Atiluk info@xrated.co.ug Do you remember the singer who proclaimed herself as Ugandas Nicki Minja because of her biggest behind? Well, she is Member of Parliament aspirant Apollo Kantinti’s girlfriend. Shamim Namawa who was a dancer and singer with Obsessions started dating with Kyandondo East Member of Parliament aspirant …

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Tricycle operators are only licensed to carry Sodas not Passengers- Kampala Minister

By Edgar Watema info@xrated.co.ug When Pioneer Buses were introduced a few years ago, Taxi operators were not happy with them and they thought they would kick them out of business. The fight between Taxi operators and Pioneer buses was short-lived after they found out that the Buses were licensed to …

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Tourism to be promoted by foods, art, religion and traditions through Global cultural event

By Nathan Atiluk info@xrated.co.ug Cultural tourism is the subset of tourism to deal with a country and regional culture. Generally, it is about the lifestyle of the people and the historical background of the culture, art, food, architecture, religion, traditions, and other tangible and intangible elements that helped change their …

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