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By Destroying Opposition Chief Kizza Besigye’s Street Cred, Andrew Mwenda is clearing the way for a new comer

”No. What I said, was meant to provoke them. The person who recorded that interview made a mistake. At the end you hear me say; is that provocative enough? Nevertheless, I think they are extremely emotional and senseless; yes”

Opposition Leader Kiiza Besigye

This was one of the Lines in an Interview the Observer published today. In this Interview, Lobbyist Andrew Mwenda attempts to explain his case against Opposition Chief Kiiza Besigye and his supporters.

The interview is a continuation of Mwenda’s more than 4 weeks old war with Kiiza Besigye’s radical supporters.

He says he is the reason people in Uganda scrutinises the first family and now he wants to do the same for Besigye.

However, what Mwenda is doing is not opening doors for the scrutiny of the Opposition leader who until now has been seen by his supporters as beyond reproach and by his opponents as a radical opportunist.

He is creating seeds of doubt, so that Kiiza Besigye’s followers can start questioning their leader’s credentials while at the same time creating space for a newcomer. In his interview, he cites people like Kampala MP Nabillah Nagayi Sempala who recently questioned Kizza Besigye’s leadership credentials. what he doesn’t mention is that Nabillah is a Piggybacker, who always returns to Besigye’s camp just in time for elections and abandons him when they are done.

Lobbyist Andrew Mwenda

What Mwenda is doing is create doubt in the leadership of the most credible force in opposition as President Yoweri Museveni prepares to leave the stage. But as Museveni exits, there is no doubt that after him, no one will be able to beat Kiiza Besigye to the presidency.

So Mwenda is destroying the Myth of invincibility in the person of Kiiza Besigye just in time for a newcomer to upstage him.

Perhaps that newcomer will be Mwenda’s friend General Muhoozi Kainerugaba.


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