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Bebe cool names his top 5 Ugandan artists in 2016, Even with her Hits Rema Namakula is not on the list

Singer Bebecool has named his top 5 artists of 2016. The list which includes the top female artists according to Bebecool also has one mention for a male artist.

Given his massive Gagamel army being on this list is endorsement many artists in Uganda will die to have.


Sheeba Karungi

According to Bebe Cool , Team No sleep’s Sheeba karungi is number one on the list.The Nkwatako singer has had massive success this year, topping most of the monthly charts from January to December with hits like Nkwatako, Ndiwanjawlo, Farmer among others.

Winnie Nwagi

The Second artist according to Bebe Cool, is Winnie Nwagi of the  Musawo fame, Nwagi whose dirty history was unleashed by a one Ray Supasta, has also had a successful 2016 and ended their year with a chart Topper Kano Koze.

Irene Ntale

The third artist according to Bebecool is Irene Ntale whose song He go down is our personal favourite here at XratedNews Uganda. and her Maiden Concert was one of Uganda’s biggest concerts in 2016.

Lydia Jasmine

The Fourth artist according to Bebe Cool is Lydia Jasmine who he calls his Best upcoming artist in 2016, Lydia Jasmine who has been on Coke studio has Same way with Geo steady as her biggest song in 2016.

Ziza Bafana

Ziza Bafana performed at the event

Number 5 on the list is Ziza Bafana, Bebe Cool says the singer made his mark this year, but he lost it towards the end.


In what is not so shocking, Bebe cool did not name his protege Rema on his list yet she also had some of the biggest songs this year, songs like Linda, SibyaMukisa.

Maybe it is just a sign that Bebe Cool does know how to keep a grudge since the singer also took off time to blast his Nemesis Bobiwine saying he didn’t have any serious music in 2016, he was just a Politician Ebya Music Yabivamu.

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