Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Crane Bank was closed because Sudhir Ruparelia refused to lend money to Museveni’s Brother and inlaws – Reports

New information emerging shows that in-spite of what is being put out there, Sudhir’s Crane bank was the victim of a well-planned plot to clip Sudhir wings and end the possibility of Sudhir Ruparelia becoming a political threat. There were questions why Nakumatt Oasis Mall owner Amina Hersi who failed …

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When he had money, Danz Ku Mapeesa was hiring Cars and sleeping with our women – Upcoming Artists reject contributions

Upcoming Artists who worked with Producer Danz Ku mapesa have rejected calls for fundraising, saying that when he had money, he behaved like he could afford to save himself, now that he is down, why should they help him? One of these upcoming artists recently posted on his Facebook page …

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Bebe Cool Disappears with 36 billion shillings in new Tubonga nawe Cash, leaves Artists Cursing him

Singer Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira are being accused by fellow Tubonga nawe artists of disappearing with over 36 billion in cash that was recently given to them by the president. The Artists claim the money was meant for the Artists SACCO, and was promised to them by the president …

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Daniella Atim finally walks away from Jose Chameleone’s domestic Violence

Singer Jose Chameleone has finally been dumped by a woman he has terrorised for years. It appears when he stopped fighting with Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool, Chameleone turned his fists to his pencil sized wife who has also finally walked out on him. The “Wale Wale” hit maker shared …

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How UBER drivers actually survive on 2000 shillings a day

Over the last weeks, we have written about UBER drivers and their plight we told you how on a trip of 18500, a driver actually makes less than 3000 shillings while Uber takes more than 4000 shillings. Some of you have asked us, how do people who are not making …

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CONFESSIONS OF AN UBER DRIVER: How a drunk Night rider tried to seduce me to have sex with her

In the last episode I told you about the secret war between Uber drivers and special hire taxis, this time I will tell you about riding at Night in an episode called NIGHT RIDERS; THE DANGEROUS LIAISONS: At the airport, my fellow drivers who are in their 20s asked me if …

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