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By Destroying Opposition Chief Kizza Besigye’s Street Cred, Andrew Mwenda is clearing the way for a new comer

”No. What I said, was meant to provoke them. The person who recorded that interview made a mistake. At the end you hear me say; is that provocative enough? Nevertheless, I think they are extremely emotional and senseless; yes” This was one of the Lines in an Interview the Observer …

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Kabaka Mutebi saves Katikiro Mayiga from being beaten by a Princess

The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi saved his Katikiro from being beaten up by one of his relatives Nalinya Ruth Kyamulabi of Bugembegembe. The Princess accuses the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga of bringing shame to the Kabaka’s Palace.   This all happened during the annual end of year party at the …

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4 BILLION SHILLINGS HERITAGE CENTER: Prince David Wasajja to grace Mamba Clan Fundraising Dinner

The Mmamba Clan (Lung Fish) which is one of Buganda Kingdom’s largest Clans is planning to build a 4 Billion shillings heritage center at a place called  Nkaja off Entebbe road and the Chief Guest will be Prince David Wasajja, the Kabaka’s younger brother. It is believed that at Nkajja the Clan’s first …

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Broke Nakumatt Supermarket holdings runs out of Money to pay suppliers, leaves stalls Empty

Kenyan supermarket chain Nakumatt holdings, has been forced to admit that its operations in Uganda have run out of money to maintain stock on its shelves. The supermarket which has the largest branch network of any supermarket in Uganda may be forced to close down operations in Uganda as was …

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Mega standard Supermarket takes up Uchumi’s space at Garden City

Mega standard Supermarket has taken up the space that was vacated  by Kenyan Supermarket Chain Uchumi at Garden city shopping centre. Last year Uchumi shocked Ugandans when it collapsed with no warning signs. Within a day, court bailiffs were at the supermarket confiscating the company’s property, and therefore prompting a …

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Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga using Kabaka to Blackmail his Opponents – Tamale Mirundi

Former Presidential Press Secretary and Presidential Advisor on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi has accused the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga of hiding behind the Kabaka to fight his political battles instead of facing his opponents as a man. Speaking on Metro FM, Mirundi said that by using …

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