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2 Reasons Why the Kabaka Demolished Bobi Wine’s One love beach in Busabaala

A section of Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach in Busabala was yesterday  demolished by officials from Kabaka’s office for encroachment. A caterpillar was seen driving a few yards from Bobi Wine’s black Tundra pick-up that he had parked as a way of protesting the move he termed unfair.

“I paid for the land, paid off all the squatters and have been developing this land for the last five years, but this morning, my workers just saw a grader drive in and off they started with the demolition process. I will not pursue it any longer,” a visibly disturbed Omubanda Wa Kabaka noted.

Officials from Buganda Land Board (BLB) said that several reminders have been given to Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine so it’s not true that we swung into action without his notice.

The second is that Bobi wine was actually trying to grab the Landand Buganda land board swung into action to save the land.

This is coming at the time when Bobi Wine is in final stages of his Ensasagge Ya Easter show that will take place over the Easter period.

“I don’t think any rightful owner can just fold hands like that and he lets his land go that way, there must be something behind the curtains that, Bobi doesn’t say,” One wrote

The latest we have however is that the Kabaka has ordered Bobi wine be given back his land.

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