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130 Billion shillings: We finally reveal why former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi lost the 2016 election

Towards the nomination period for the 2016 election, a team from the Uganda police force visited the United Arab Emirates, it was here that that story of the collapse of Amama Mbabazi’s presidential bid began.

Many people have always wondered how a campaign that started in high gear, reached the time it was supposed to gain momentum, and instead started falling apart. And at the end, the former Prime-minster couldn’t even get 2 percent of the vote yet polls on the day he launched his bid had him at 30%.

Museveni with Mbabazi during the good old days

The story starts in Dubai, at a small office of a money transfer exchange service, and ends with the closure of a downtown Forex Bureau.

At the beginning of December, security agents and BOU officials raided and closed a downtown Forex Bureau, according to our investigations, this was the Forex Bureau used by Politicians and commission agents receiving payments for connecting Foreign investors to deals in the country, however much the money was, they never asked for paperwork, they always paid in cash.

This too was the place the former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi had chosen to use for his campaign funds amounting to more than 30 Million dollars, peanuts compared to his opponent Yoweri Museveni, but would have been enough to create a dent in the President’s re-election efforts.

He had received 3 Million dollars earlier, and this was what he used to launch his campaign, do the initial groundwork that had the country shaken at the incoming Tsunami.

Mbabazi with his Daughter Racheal Mbabazi at the Launch of his campaign

So the final 30 million Dollars was meant to be the final push, the source of the money is unknown, but it is said to have come from a basket run by a Western Intelligence agency.

Someone inside Mbabazi’s camp tipped off police on when the 30 million dollars would be coming in, and on that fateful day when police raided the forex Bureau and closed it, they also froze its accounts with over 130 billion shillings belonging to Presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

That is when his campaign collapsed in freefall, the mass defections we kept were not because the President Yoweri Museveni camp was offering these young people and campaign agents money, it was because Amama Mbabazi had no money and the money he promised was nowhere to be seen.

”They were actually approaching the NRM camp themselves” A source told us.

When the Prime Minister stopped holding Mass rallies and started playing Omweso, it was because he could no longer afford to pay service providers.

The campaign that promised so much was short of cash its cash was stuck on the accounts of a closed Forex Bureau.

Because his promise of being a game changer for most people was premised on the fact that he had the cash to match the NRM, shilling for shilling, The Amama Mbabazi campaign was over the Day the forex Bureau was closed

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